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neil: welcome, everybody. i neil cavuto. do you ever hear something that sticks with u? it was a comment la sunday for me. >> since president has been in office we have reached the point where cutting the annual deficit in half to reduce the overallebt of united states by $trillion over the next 10 years. neil: i heard that it stu with me immediately said he justo an allied made ising the debt is coming down it will shrk
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$3 trillion over the next 10 years? it is what. what will happen is it will grow $3 trillion less than rethought. that is a big difference. sa debt will grow at 21. 3 trillion that is not the t the cbo. it is not the $3 trillion decrease but $8 trillion inease may be sheikh factors in those savings but far that does not mean fear is less redink. but with washington less than we feared so no need to fear. not so fast. it is a twisted way that the senator says we're making progress. cause if you define progress then you must be
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foetting yu are digging a hole consists of a. it is ime for the wake-up call the debt is getting bigger. that is like me saying i m projected to gain 50 pounds over the next decade but i am only gaining four days so i lost 10 pounds. but i d not gain 40 pounds? it could have been 50 but fat chance we would die this. what do you think that we should be jumpingor joy because thedebt is trillion less than we thought but still $8 trillion more than we have now? >> first of all, i don't want to comment on your plate neil: go for you. wi move. >> this is wasngton speak dealg with it since obama
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took office. the reality is they mean the opposite of what they say. only and washington could that be considered a cut. the debt is spiralling out of control. neil: whenever with these deficits now in the dollar more that we spent with ever greasy with the deficits many argue this is theall before the benefits storm? >> there are two ways. one is mandatory spending with medicare and medicaid and social security in obamacare. second, we could have pro-growth tax reform and a structure to allow the economy to grow.
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neil: your party is good at playing ese games that does little to sign onto the debt ceiling increase. on and on ro. you need what you say those. but these arehe facts the president to stop want to change the mandatory spending program. he does not want pro-growth tax reform failed wanted to have another government shutdown s what republicans had to do was a precautionary measure to stop the administratiin with their madness. it is the least of the bad options. neil: but you will give bin to take a mile andith all the nespending initiatives
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precisely becaus they he ur number in bakg keep spending because you were on the dterm election emprise th you will evenally do the things you wanted in the meantime ising oortunity after opportunity. >> i don't disagree but do you shut the government down again? cause that is where we were headed. we just felt thisas the worst --he best of the worst optio. to debris' introduced draft legislation because when you code is complex.of the tax the american people need to take time these proposals and decide in novemr if
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they'vwant to reelect the party that tries to bring in the budget problem. neil: nobleman who defense the spending democratic strategist, jessica, the argument you can say we will tram's 3 trillion of the debt when it will grow it just won'trow as much as we thought? is that telling the truth? >> it important to note when we do thgs that are making a difference. the deficit here is coming down and has steadily sie 2009. we have seen one of the most unproductive congress is we ha had in e early one
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centuuy wi all this gridlock. neil: this was my question though. i know t deficits are coming dn. maybe there is a reassuring noon that it pil up on e president's precipitously to s it will be $3 trillion less than rates shot but it will still be neck-and-neck $8 tllion re. that is hoodwiwinking pple. >> i did not go that far. neil: someone tells you it will fall $3 trtrillion don't you think it will fall? >> yes. neil: but go up 11 now goes up 8 trillionhat hat you meant. >> you rarely hear a politician who was fm this
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policy standpoint speaking to the same way you would hear an economist or someone in the financial industry. neilif you say you cut something then you better be cutting it not just saying that cut is off their rates of growth. that is disingenuous. >> the budget will be a huge issu. neil: no doubt. >> it will b something we have seen although it is not much of an issue during 2014. neil: if thas the case then doesn't at reinfoe th argumenent of little petus? that we know for both parties is a ticking time bomb? >> this focus in particular
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they do a lot ofesting and messaging with people impacting their lives and certainly the focus is on alth care from the republan side but the democratic side talking about economic issues in general. in to raise the minimum wage and helping middle-class families. neil: this is from all inme groups all the way up to bilonaires' that is why it is choking our economy. but nobody thinks of that. >> certainly it needs to be tackled. they tried with the attempt of simpson-bowles. it became a political
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ping-pong. neil: you are right. if you cannot bring people to the table not taking seriously the economy deulting on debt. to ruin crit rating. neil: we are retaking the can down the road hoping to redress leader but this will hurt e credi rating this ll hurt to the reputation not shutting the govern down when it is open for business. that is opinion snet they cannot get any regulation doesn'tenate that has nothingto do with the data. we talk past each her. [laughter] >> they need to get to the
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table. >> g the mass down. thleen sebelius says she has no idea where we got the ca dummy mes 7 billion number the standar that is being held to the white house. food could be so stupr taif or say something so outrageous to utter that figure? have a good idea. i will give you a hint. it was t secretary it was t secretary herself. [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing. like carpoo... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space.
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ne:. >> first of all, those 7 million was not give ministration b the cbo numb when the bill was first assign. e number is all over the neil: where in the world did we get that nber from? >> success looks like at least 7 billion signed up by the end of march 2014. [laughter]
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okay. tapes do not live. -- like. why would she go out on the lawhen she knows full well we havaccess? >> yes. is it is a situation in example of politicians going back on what they have said clearly you show the tape this is not the first time for the president said you could keep yourealthlan and the firsthe denied then he later apologized because over and over networks were promising -- shoveling the promise. she so says not of loss of jobs but the cbo just add that. some democrats privately are not pleased with sebelius
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and these comments are not helping credibility. neil: she has been there througall the embarrassment's and the warnings of what was going on and the severity. even tgive all that a pass what worries me is when they try to spend the bad news that the 6 million is pretty darn terrific or those wh@ pay more who have jobs compromise tests its results are liberated spinet there are certain ways to spin it. the administration always has something to say. frankly going against something you said in the past, we are at 6 million
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new begin at 7illion but en you say it so starkly that is not helping and what is causg so much jinxed -- anxiety. neil: you just don't say it. i have not idea. >> we have a brand new segment that you asked for. you want answers what's the deal? you want to go there. enjoying a drinver the weekend? what if i told you the government put a limitow far you could go or how much?
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ne: not one not to the three attacks. first the white house wonders what to do with ansa anone option theytoss around ishe phone tapping records. judge she d not let them move aaide. >> the president thoht he could rerm e yenisei to allow it to continue all spy all the time no search warrants to identify a target. by depositing their records with the phone company he forgot to tell the public he
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gave thensa the ability to retrieveose at the touch of a btton. this would just save the government the cost of enormous. 27 times the contents of the library of congress every dayhat is how much did it is storedhe president just wants to transfer thatto the phone company. they don't keephat they don't record our conversations they don't want to end don't want to be forced. neil: but they have a and shouldn'. number two. banks to the supreme court rulings police officers could searc for home without a warrant? >> the constitution says it they have to have a search warrant. effacing you robbing a bank calling it to your house
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that is the emergency exception but shortf that no. at if there's two pple one person says yes? please address the one th says no leaving only the one who says yes soun li a fraud if it was concocted. six / 3-d supreme court said they can do it is absur. neil: couple one is worried they would get hurt. >> tn they find weapons and drugs. this is an excuse for the police to arrest the person who says no. also to get on your prorty when the person who gives them permission isot you but just happens to be there it does not reqre the police to find out who the rightful owner is.
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ne:. >> 59 your front door can become in? neil: you're always welcome the final free dove attack with the all you can drink now the ttomless brunch with the $20 open b? now they are in great now they said cool it. >> the cstitution and projects your bodily integrity. they do tell us what to do there and not t us take chemicals calledontrolled substances now a perfectly lawful product sold at a consed because we arenot be going over consume?
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weren the nstitution is the government authorized to worry about how much we drink? greeplants through this before called prohibition it was one of the greatest disasters in history. neil: what about all you can eat chicken wings? >> that is coming. neil: then people willtart to hoard the food. we have intrusion after intrusion not presumably in our best interest. >> we make light but it is ridiculous but liberty is never lost al at once or overnight double meang people very slowly creeping up to make you healthier or safer or strger. king keep myself safe let me have by free choice.
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we need the attitude that. otherwise what is next? it could be passed up. pitchfork. to raise the [laughr] x business alert the olympics are over. defense stocks hitting a new high as vladimir putin puts his troops on high alert. ihink it is something pre-world war two.
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the risk of stroke with pradaxa. ...return on investment wall isn't a street... isn't the onlyeturn i'm looking forward to... for some, every dollar is earnewith sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is hored to help our members with everythg from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former mity members and their families is without equal. >> ands now getting scary aga. theseealames aeginni
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>> we have this fox business alert. the real games are beginning. lattimer pruden ordering a combat readiness near and around the ukraine northern border. talking about scaling back their troops. >> personal connection with that. that is conventional ground forces but they are designed to take care of that simultaneously. neil: what do you think that he sees in us? i always think the guys think that they read the bad guys. i'd like to think that the bad
8:31 pm
guys are going to lay back. either we are weary or not interested in getting anymore conflict. >> i think our foreign policy has been so flawed. and this is lacking total clarity and leadership. and he really did not want to enter into a strategic alignment. >> what would we really do? there were talks about this that there would be consequences and were we going to do? eventually if you're going to threaten someone, you have to follow up on the threats are you're going to look like this. >> that is exactly why our foreign policy has been like
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this. either you sign the treaty or we remove our troops. we come back and say that at the end of the year we will start reducing our troops and we way for the administration. we are not committed to this. so i think that is a mixed message. the united states and we could've come up with stuff about chris christie. our charlie gaspaaino has been reporting about this. maybe chris christie doesn't want to run or won't run. is that true?
8:33 pm
>> i understand that point of view. it's too early to tell. and we need more clarity. and i don't think that chris christie is dumb enough to do something to the general public that way. but what i think he should have done is come out and say, look, i am a street kid. i'm going to get back and there's if someone comes at me. but if that's a proxy for them to think that they can exercise retribution or vindictiveness, have a cultural problem. neil: he must be conservative in the state. and that it is giving him cause because the one thing is that he's no longer a rockstar. >> i don't disagree. but i think the worst situation for him is that the whole bullying reputation has been exacerbated by this. and that is what i think the concern is because he had the demeanor to be president.
8:34 pm
>> meanwhile he is doing a fundraiser for new york governor. i raise the question that i raised with him. he could not be more different than chris christie. or you are being overly pragmatic. so what is going on here? >> i think a the latter and i think it is pragmatism. i would think that he's doing really well. neil: you settle for whatever? >> i settle for solutions. andrew has been providing some solutions and it taking on the legislature and i've cleaned it up a bit.
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but it's great to see you again, my friend. and these airlines visa, they are going to continue. and now they want to charge relatives full price to come to your funeral. [ female announcer ] who are we?
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hi, are we still on for tomorrow? tomorrow. quick look at the weather. nice day, beautiful tomorrow. tomorrow is ll of promise. we can come back tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way. driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. wh a day. can't wait til tomorrow. neil: you have probably heard that delta will start taking your frequent flyer miles. and i bet you did not hear how some airlines are quietly letting those reedman fares die off or it no more special prices those flying out for their loved one's final arrangement. our friend found out the hard
8:39 pm
way and the fear he was used to up and vanished. we also have key bloggers here digging into this issue and also some warnings for those flyers who might be in for some interesting surprises. so what happened? >> you know, i had the misfortune of dealing with this person on monday. i lost a family member and i made the call to my favorite airline and the woman said, i'm sorry, we did discontinue debridement program. and that was about a thousand dollars to travel and she said i'm sorry, there's nothing we can do it all. it bothered me. i can afford it fortunately. but there's a lot of people that i think that cannot. and it doesn't come with a warning. a lot of people are talking about the we have discounted fares. do we know that if you buy this, the fares are generally high.
8:40 pm
it's just another way that americans are paying for it and it hurts. >> they did it very quietly. and they are streamlining the to try to cut the cost is one way that they are doing it. he said that sometimes looking at the lowest and cheapest cost might be cheaper than going with debridement policy. while this is not good pr for americans, it is not necessarily a bad thing for the customer depending on where they are on and what time they are flying. you can lose an entire lane full of seeds and people often use it, again they are looking to streamline and pinch pennies.
8:41 pm
neil: if you are going out to a loved one's funeral, i think the last thing you're thinking about his iowa or window seat or sitting with legroom or not. you are hardly in a mindset to start nickel and dime them. >> there's two sides of the coin. and this is a difficult subject to deal with. on the other hand you have some airlines that are deeply discounting at the last minute. >> i think it would be wise for an airline to have a bereavement caused you. >> given their track record, yes, i think that this is again just part of what is happening in our economy. you have companies earning less and less money and you have
8:42 pm
shareholders that are angry with this. they're cutting costs and cutting corners and there's less customer touch. and maybe people are abusing it. neil: i'm wondering if a lot of people took advantage of it. >> you have to give them your information for where traveling to. two big ones have these policies, delta and united still offer them. delta offers a 5% discount on round-trip tickets. a lot of that is counted airlines, they don't offer them because they say that ticket prices are discounted in a. neil: they forget that you won't won't forget the airline to do that. i would hasten to add that you're going to remember that airline in the future. they were with me when i was down and out and i'm going to
8:43 pm
fly delta on the fly america next time because they were with me when no one else was hurt but i could be wrong. >> as a pilot who flies commercially and privately, what i have noticed is that loyalty is important. probably such a great point. i'm going to think twice going forward. and i've been a customer. i've spent thousands of dollars with them. as have all of the viewers out there. give us a little something that we can sort of hang onto and continue with the customer service and continue with. unfortunately i will rethink it. multiple choices when it comes to travel. lease that is my opinion for now. neil: you pay pick the airlines
8:44 pm
based on how much they cost? >> i'm definitely going for the price that you want to save money. but what kerry brings up about being down and out when he lost a family member and someone is there, you don't want to hear that the airline is getting rid of their policy. so i'm sure they have unhappy customers out there. simone thank you guys very much. target missed its mark in a huge way and this is about to get a lot worse. if you've ever invested in a retail store, if you've ever been seen in a retail store. you are not me, but you are in big trouble. [ male announcer ] there is no substitute for experience. for what reality tehes you firsthand. in e face of danger, and underhe most demanding circumstances. experience builds character. experience builds confidence. and experience... has built is.
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neil:you knew it would be bad. but the business letshas a
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number of stories. we are focusing on one that has lot of applications. collecting 46% and our next guest says if you are investing in retail stocks, you should be part of this. we have two guests here, a retail analyst in the cybersecurity expert. is he giving people posture the degree thathey just don't go t to the stores?s? >> the corporate espionage is a ality and it's something that we really are prepared to head
8:49 pm
off at this point. neil: i always tink that good sale beatthe bad ting. there is a real big discount on tv sets or whatever. > i think it's short-lived. i mean, we have seen before with other retailers. and ev just recentlye had targeted reported earnings in recent weeks in sales that have actually started to recover and they areeeing more normalized traffic. neil: they also downplayed this. so not sayin that they are lying. t i am saying that they might be minimizing this.
8:50 pm
>> i think that they are trying to calm investor concerns may put ouout of number and said sas are flat and i'm wondering if there's anything you can hang your hat on. >> i'm not sure. and it's something that paul brought up. my resear shows tat it started happening prior to the holiday sales.
8:51 pm
and this is spreadinthroughout the industry. so the weak economy, a couple of bad numbers and that goes. hourly eaings are nowhere to be found as far as growth. i think the consumer is starting to pay that number of this great deal that is out there with these great promotions, i don't know if they are going to co backny time sooon. neil: the issue about how this affected shoppe, some ofthem are just very leery of going back to target or feeling that they c go there since they have other choices. what d you thin >> well, think the point that we really need to understand this that this is not a target issue or aetail issue. it is something that we are going to experience across all vertical markets. and to qualify that we have to embrace the business model and
8:52 pm
we are in the early stages and we need to put our arms around it and premptively mitigate this going into the corporate environments. neil: telemann, thank you so much. have you ever wondered why in some cases they interrupt this?
8:53 pm
well, you have been asking these questions and a lot of thse questions. so we thought would be a gd time to start answering these questions each night and ery night. i will make it a nightly segment ere's this kid. coach calls her a team player. she's kind of special she makes the whole team better. he's the kind of player that puts the puck, horsehide, bullet. right where it needs to be. coach calls it logistics. he's a great pass. dependable. a winning am has to have one. somebody you can count on. somebody like my dad. this is my dad. somebody like my mom. my grandther. i'm very pround of him. her. them. ♪ see what's new at
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you are gonna need a wingman. and my cash back keepthe party ing. but my airline mil ta it worldwide. [ male announcer ] it shouldn't be this hard. wi, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online. creditcardcom. neil: a ne segment inspired by you. those of you who e-mail and tweet by the thousands, wanting to know what i do what i do and why i tak to my talk and who i choose to interrupt when they talk. call wha a lot of you call it. >> what is the deal, neil? well, your effort to get inside my head, which is a dangerous place to o. it is up and running thanks to my crew. why do you ma such a big deal out of a measly 175,000
8:57 pm
government-funded study when we are swimming intrillions in debt. well, because i already know hat ish can swim and this kind of nonsense is why we are swimming iso much debt. and allison said ialways wondered why you would interrupt your guests. doou like the sound of your nails on chalkboard oice? >> no, i jut like upsetting you. it seems i cceeded. if you prefer speeches, watch another show. most have better voces. and i g this one a lot. don'ttake this wrong way. but can't stand the way you sound. youvoice is scratchy and noying. you would think that you would just clear your throat. you would think are lame, but it's not that easy. i do not make federal case out ofthis.
8:58 pm
i wish i could wave a wand and it would go away. stu to multiple sclerosis. but i hope it's not so bad as yo leave. try turng the sound down. try it right now. and helen says when you talk so much about food? well, because i like to eat. and another individual says i love it when you argue. maybe you shold suckit up and go on adiet. maybe you shuld just watch dinner hosted be done ith it, doou think? and alicia saysdo you weara toupee? because of your hair is real, it look like a toupee. >> and ask me. i think hat you are a clueless
8:59 pm
partisan viewer. because any regular viewer of the show would knw that i've caed out republicans on spending excesses as well, including last week on the monster's trillion dollar farm bill and the bush administration and the bank bailouts that i say set the stage for all of the handout. and anoth review says you're not very attractive and yo don't lookike any other anchor. he will quit my ninth grade algebra teacher and he was weird. so i want toknowhow did you do it. how did you get on tv? well, i have photographs ere. and someone else said i bumped into yout your sons basketball game and you were so nice.
9:00 pm
i'm not going to waste my time. ♪ him and his. >> oh, my goodness. our beloved hostess is still with us, she's just not in the studio tonight. kennedy will be joining us later in the hour to give us an update on what prevented her from being here. it's going to be a heck of a show. and we will have the professionl wrestler kane. this is "the independents." hello, i am

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